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Electric Car Charger

Join our nationwide network of Certified Field Technicians (CFTs)

The EES Certified Field Technician (CFT) Program helps electrical contracting companies grow their businesses and expand their skillsets. 

EES works with manufacturers to coordinate the installation and service of their electrical products at locations across the country. The companies in our CFT network are assigned to their geographic areas. When a client needs installation or service, we notify our partner companies in the areas needed and send them the work. It's that simple. 

Unlike listing services, there is no fee to join our program, and we don't send you leads. We send you jobs. EES is essentially a general contractor with a network of subcontractors, but you will never need to submit estimates or bids for our jobs. We'll send you the work for your territory and all you have to do is show up!

Program requirements:

  • Licensed electrical contracting company  

  • Insurance (general liability, automobile, and worker's compensation)

  • Successful completion of application survey and interview

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Hassel-free work

For each new nationwide client EES signs, our CFTs get more work. Once we've hired your company for our program, you will be added to our database and sent jobs for your territory. 

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Each client we sign has a different product that needs installation or service, such as EV chargers or electric hand dryers. We provide our CFTs with the training they need to do the job. 

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Clients will sign off on and rate your work at the time of completion. CFTs with the highest ratings receive generous bonuses and incentives for their jobs well done.

Apply to Join the EES CFT Program

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