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DIEBOLD Gains Competitive Advantage

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

How EES provided a turn-key installation logistics pipeline to install 350 ATMs in 35 states

atms outside of a building


As a world leader in software and hardware for the financial and retail industries, Diebold was eager to provide integrated installation solutions to their clients that would relieve them of the burden of installation, while providing a significant competitive advantage to Diebold's sales organization.


Launched in 1989, Vermont-based Electrical Equipment Solutions, LLC (formally Integrated Solutions, Inc.) provides global, manufacturer to end-user, customized installation logistics services for electrified products and equipment. Through an extensive network of licensed electrical contractors, construction service providers, warehousing and distribution facilities, and transportation partners, EES is positioned to meet the needs of our clients' most demanding installation logistics requirements.

Meeting End-User Needs:

Mail Boxes Etc. was in the market to purchase ATMs for 350 franchisee-owned locations in 32 states. As a new source of revenue for the company, great consideration was taken in deciding where to position the ATMs. It was determined that installation in each location’s storefront lobby would provide access for customers 24 hours a day, and therefore ensure the greatest revenue realization.

Installing the ATMs required EES to customize an installation management program, which included door-to-door project management and reporting; long-distance transportation from Akron, OH to local distribution facilities within 50 miles of each of the 350 locations; local blanket wrapped delivery and placement of the ATM in the individual stores; on-site construction services (electrical, masonry, glazing, carpentry, and painting) to re-configure the storefront to accommodate the ATM; managing telephone and data-communication installation; completion and quality sign off; and the call to load cash.

"Offering a turn-key equipment & installation logistics proposal to Mail Boxes, Etc., was instrumental in our Sales Department securing this new business, while providing Diebold with additional contract revenue."

Competitive Advantage:

By forming their strategic alliance with EES, Diebold was positioned to offer a comprehensive and proven installation logistics program to their prospective client Mail Boxes Etc., therefore relieving the client and their franchises of assuming the short term, resource-intensive burden of installing the ATMs. This added value installation service, which at the time was neither available to nor offered by Diebold's competitors, was instrumental in securing the new business for Diebold.

The project-based strategic alliance with EES gave Diebold immediate access to EES' nationwide network of transportation, warehousing, and distribution facilities, and service contractors, as well as access to our proprietary project management and reporting software, thereby eliminating the necessity to invest in additional personnel and infrastructure.

"Partnering with EES gave us access to resources our clients needed, while not distracting our organization from our core business."


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