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Federal Express Grows Into Global Supply Chain Management and Rebrands as FedEx

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

How EES provided turnkey facility and signage installation logistics to rebrand Federal Express


fedex truck in front of fedex office

Federal Express Corp. acquired Caliber System and created FedEx Corp., a global provider of transportation, e-commerce, and supply chain management services. At the time, Federal Express operated hundreds of retail store locations that offered shipping services and products. EES was called upon to manage the logistics chain and on-site installation of the retail stores' corporate identity updates. The upgrades required the changing out of all interior non-illuminated and exterior illuminated signage, as well as new counters, fixtures, logo walls, lighting, and paint.


Launched in 1989, Vermont-based Electrical Equipment Solutions, LLC (formerly Integrated Solutions, Inc.) provides global, manufacturer to end-user, customized installation logistics services for electrified products and equipment. Through an extensive network of licensed electrical contractors, construction service providers, warehousing and distribution facilities, and transportation partners, EES is positioned to meet the needs of our clients' most demanding installation logistics requirements.

Turnkey, Expedited Corporate Identity Conversions:

Federal Express experienced new acquisitions, market expansion, and growth during the early stages of its move toward global delivery, logistics, and transportation dominance. The updates to the FedEx identity would allow for uniformity among their new acquisitions, as well as in their existing retail stores and overnight delivery services.

Federal Express directed EES to rebrand hundreds of retail locations literally overnight. Utilizing our warehousing and distribution network, we began receiving, warehousing, and staging all of the FedEx-supplied construction materials, signs, fixtures, counters, and wall panels. Our local warehousing and delivery services allowed for materials to be in close proximity to the store locations, which was critical for the just-in-time supply chain. As our electrical and contracting crews arrived at the stores after closing, deliveries would also arrive, ready to be unloaded and installed. Conversions were completed in six to eight hours at each location.

"The just-in-time material deliveries kept our small locations free from conversion clutter during business hours."

Fixed Costs and Centralized Project Management:

By allowing EES to develop and manage the regional corporate identity conversion, FedEx was able to keep their employees focused on doing business as usual. EES centralized all of the administrative requirements to complete the project, as well as the hiring and managing of hundreds of vendors, contractors, and suppliers.

EES provided scheduling, completion reporting data, and photo documentation to FedEX on real-time basis for each individual location. We also established regional fixed cost pricing per location type, per service, allowing FedEx to accurately forecast conversion budgets.

"Conversion costs were controlled and budgets met due to EES' fixed cost contract."


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